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E-commerce websites are the future of shopping, and the future is here. Y3ntor is a comprehensive e-commerce website with multiple partner brands. We cater to online shoppers, while providing a smooth and efficient platform for businesses looking to expand their market. Our systems have been designed to ensure fast and secure services, with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours, and a payment circuit that is completed only upon delivery. You can pay via mobile money, visa, credit or debit cards. Visit y3ntor.com today to buy or sell. Y3ntor, let’s shop it!







Our mission is simple - to make business easy to do anywhere in the world.

We make this possible by providing the necessary tools needed for sellers to reach a wide audience, and at the same time help buyers locate sellers and make transactions quickly and efficiently.

Our buyers have no issues shopping securely as the system holds the customer's money until delivery is complete.

We have a fast delivery system so you can be assured of getting your goods in less than 24 hours.

Keeping our buyer-seller exchange interesting and secure is our main goal, and we are here to help.

Come explore and shop what makes you happy.